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Corporate Boardroom - LKDSB

Lambton Kent District School Board – Large Board Room - Sarnia and Chatham Sites

This advanced Boardroom design provides a flexible and highly controllable work environment. Configuration includes 2 100" NEC Commercial Screens, an interactive Smart Board, Automated Video Conferencing, zoned Audio and a fully integrated Crestron control system. To maximize the utilization of this space a full room divider can be used to create two separate workspaces. In the split configuration, door sensors automatically reconfigure the Crestron control system to provide separate, independent, room control.

The audio utilizes Sennheiser tabletop microphone systems with additional handheld and lavalier wireless systems for guest speakers. Tannoy overhead speakers and TOA amplification provide full room-zoned audio coverage with Williams Sound assistive listening systems.

The custom programmed Crestron control and switching environment allows complete system command from multiple touch panel locations. Crestron also allows the user to select cameras for video conferencing, choose various computer inputs, and control all microphones, 4K screens and room lighting systems.The custom programmed Crestron Control and switching environment offers complete system control from multiple touch panel locations. Crestron also allows the selection of cameras for video conferencing, room computer and multiple laptop inputs , control of all microphones, 4K screens and room lighting systems.

In this facility, products from NEC, Sennhesier, Cisco, Draper, Nexia and Crestron are seamlessly integrated to provide a practical and comprehensive work environment.

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