Auto-Pilot – By Avolution 


Avolution is pleased to offer Auto-Pilot, based on Crestron’s open architecture and leveraging the power of the Sennheiser TC-2 beam steering microphones. This system is a fully automated, advanced audio and camera switching solution. Auto-Pilot redefines the standard for large space Audio and Video collaboration technology with the ability to produce engaging far-end content and deliver a truly interactive experience. 


Auto-Pilot provides both Instructor and student tracking cameras with data correlated from multiple ceiling microphones. This approach provides excellent positional accuracy and fully automatic camera positioning and switching. Broadcast level A/B roll camera switching, in conjunction with advanced logic prevents on-camera movement and greatly reduces far-end eye fatigue from constant PTZ camera movement. These advancements eliminate the need for in-room AV staff or co-pilots and provide managed performance without the ongoing tech labour costs.


Auto-Pilot goes beyond just providing high quality audio and engaging video with integrated content switching that eliminates in-room multi-point switching. Both camera and content streams are selectable via Crestron touch screen or mobile pendant to allow instructors to quickly control outgoing content feeds without switching within the Teams / Zoom environment. Complete systems offer the additional benefit of floor mounted far-end confidence monitors to allow instructors to easily interact with far-end participants in a familiar manner.


Auto-Pilot is a scalable solution and is available in a standalone configuration with all required hardware and software. For facilities with existing Crestron installations, Auto-Pilot is available as an add-on to existing infrastructure with seamless operation within the existing Crestron architecture.

Auto-Pilot can be configured to support a wide variety of room layouts with either fixed or flex seating arrangements. Available with up to 5 PTZ or a combination of fixed / PTZ cameras, Auto-Pilot is customizable to any space.



Auto-Pilot's System Highlights


- provides highly intelligible audio pickup in large spaces

- professional quality video switching provides an enhanced far-end experience

- elimination of in-room technicians - greatly reducing operational costs

- flexible configurations are adaptable for a wide variety of venues

- fully compatible with major video communication platforms

- ability to focus on the individual or larger zone based audience configurations

- zero impact on the existing floor space

- supports flexible seating arrangements 

- includes system consult / design / integration and support